Make IT live simpler

1. Accept mediocrity in u

2. better to appear foolish during the initial stages than later; clarify then and there; if u hesitate thinking it would be embarrassing to ask, there could be more embarrassment awaiting.

3. Deserve your pay – bring value

4. keep personal talks and friendships minimal; think your team members mean nothing to you, so that you don’t care being judged.

5. keep upgrading yourself and accept not everyone knows everything

6. work will never be over; if u feel u have done justice, maintain discipled work hours; have a life outside work

7. understand the uncertain nature of the industry, don’t be surprised if u lose job all of a sudden ; have backup plans; dont panic.

8. stop blaming situations; whatever you are, its because of just you.


CAP theorem

In a discussion involving elastic search, distributed clusters etc, someone said that CAP theorem is a must-know for these kinda discussions. I guess i was the only person in the group to have heard it for the first time.

Read a plain english introduction to CAP theorem.